How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog

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Choosing a niche market is a very important step which will really be the distinction between possible failure and success. There are many different things to take into consideration when choosing your niche. So, in this post, we will look at a few tricks to help you choose a niche for your blog.

What is a niche?

For those who are not 100% sure, let’s first discuss what is a niche? A niche, simply put, is the topic that you choose to focus your content around. It is basically what your blog is about.

How to choose a niche for your blog?


Probably the most crucial point when choosing a niche is whether or not there’s a demand for products in that particular niche and what kind of competition there is. It’s best to choose certain niches that are focusing on a specific area that’s popular and in demand. 

Niches like Online marketing for instance although very popular are saturated and also to succeed in this market will take a lot of work, as the competition is strong.

Specific Niche

Focusing on certain regions of a general niche will typically offer greater rewards. For instance instead of targeting health, concentrate on kid’s health, women’s health, pregnancy, etc. Offer intriguing content that’s searched by many individuals looking for help on specific areas. 

Tip: It is best to choose a niche you have the most expertise or knowledge in.

Examples of Niches

Family TravelYogaWomen’s HealthWealth management
Adventure TravelPersonal TrainingWeight lossLife planning
Bucket List TripsWearable TechnologyDiabetesBusiness planning
Destination WeddingsFitness Programs for AdultsDigestive healthPersonal financial planning

See What’s in Demand

Look at forums and discussion forums to see what kind of questions are being asked. See if it’s possible to find a hot topic and answer those questions whether it’s in the shape of an e-book or an internet site closely themed to give info on a specific subject. Almost definitely there’ll be a lot of info already available in a chosen niche, so try to be different and offer something unique. 

There are various places to visit to find out if the chosen niche is popular. Visit sites like eBay, have a look at the subheadings, look at what is hot, and want it now sections to find what individuals are looking for. 

Dmoz is another site that will give ideas of what is in demand, go to a general topic, and after that see how many results are given for subheading to see what’s in demand. Amazon may also offer an idea of what is selling, look at the bestseller lists, to find the most recent hot topics. 

Use Keyword Tools

Utilize a keyword tool to do some research regarding the number of searches per month on the chosen niche, to get an idea of how many individuals are searching for info on that subject. 

Use Advertisement Tools

Words advertisements appear on the right of the page. This can give an indication of how popular the topic is. In case there are many advertisements, then it’s a popular niche, and there are many advertisers. 

This may mean that if thinking of using AdWords as part of the promotion process, then to achieve a good position will likely be expensive depending upon the chosen niche. Words section, this does not mean that the niche won’t be a success. Perhaps it’s a brand new topic that has suddenly become popular and also it’ll be possible to get a good position in the AdWords results for a cost-effective per click.


Once you have finished deciding on a profitable niche you can start putting together a profitable blog. By conducting this research you will have an understanding of what your market is, what you will be providing for them, and possible products, or services you can provide.

You can then focus on creating quality content and worry about ways to generate traffic to boost your revenue. All in due time.

Remember to take this part of your business into careful consideration because once you choose your niche and blog name and have set it in stone, you won’t be able to change it later down the line.

Once you found a niche you feel comfortable with, everything else will run much smoother.

We Want to Hear From You: What are your biggest worries about choosing a niche? What advice would you give to someone who is also choosing a niche for the first time?

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