How to Generate Traffic for Your Website – Limited Budget

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Let’s face it, while quality content is the lifeline of your blog or website and so we spend most of our time working on it. Without the proper quality content, the harder the chances are for people to find and discover your site. However, at one point or another, we find ourselves with the dilemma of wondering, how can we generate more traffic? But when are funds are limited leaving us no money for a marketing plan, is it still possible to generate traffic? Well, I am going to show you some tips you can follow to do exactly that.

Here are a few ways you can begin generating website traffic:

1. Use search engines to your advantage.

You might need a bit of SEO insight here to help you, but in a nutshell, you want to get as much traffic as possible from this organic platform. That means optimizing your content and website for keywords and phrases you know your target audience would be searching for. There are a few free tools available that you can quickly find online.

2. Check for broken links.

You’ll lose prospects and customers to links on your website that are broken. Review your website and check whether you have any URLs that need fixing. This is a quick way to get traffic back that you were otherwise letting escape.

3. Assess who’s talking about you.

Has anyone been writing or talking about your brand but not linking to your page? Consider reaching out to them and politely asking them to do so. This can help you gain more opportunistic traffic.

4. Update your old content.

This is a big one. If you’ve put effort into blogging in the past, have a gander through Google Analytics and see what content is performing the best. Update these posts with new stats, facts, quotes, and images that will reap new attention. Let your audience know it has been updated as a call to action at the bottom of the article, and even with an “[UPDATED for 2020]” tag in the headline.

5. Use manual outreach as your sidekick.

I’m a big fan of going back to authentic relationships and connections to build links and awareness for brands. That means scouring the web for those in your industry who are like-minded and already writing about brands, services, and goods like yours. You can offer them an incentive to write about your business and help turn their following into yours. Think of this as digital public relations, otherwise known as outreach.

6. Refresh your ranking content.

Use your choice of SEO tool to see what content of yours is ranking on page two of Google. This is the kind of content you want to refresh, optimize, and get up to page one. It’s low-hanging fruit that will pay dividends in return.

7. Share your content

One place to get traffic is from social sites like Twitter and Facebook. So make sure your post has a social button on them. Share your post on Facebook and Twitter. If you think sharing them yourself will be a problem then use a social plugin like UltimateSocialy

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Sometimes, generating website traffic with a limited marketing budget is a lot to handle. There are many aspects to juggle, and you still have to ensure you’re keeping on track with branding and style guides. But by setting honest expectations and taking the steps I’ve outlined above, you’ll be on your way to getting your brand out there with limited costs.

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