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Reasons to Start a Blog – During Quarantine

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You’re stuck at home for hours on in due to the coronavirus outbreak. You’ve already run out of shows to binge-watch, you’ve cleaned and organized your home from top to bottom, the yard work is taken care of, and to be quite honest, you’re bored. Other than watching the news or review websites about coronavirus updates (which, of course, makes you anxious), you have no idea what to do with yourself. And insanity is on the horizon. 

Now would be a good time to consider starting a blog. If you’re pretty good at writing and have a topic you’re passionate about, there are plenty of reasons to start a blog. Here are some listed below: 

Everyone is Bored

If you think you’re the only one who has no idea what to do with all this spare time on your hands – think again. Just about everyone is in the same situation and dying for something to do.

Most people are online watching tv shows and movies, shopping, and catching up on their favorite blogs. If you were to start a blog now, chances are you’d have a fairly easy time getting people interested in what you have to say. 

Ease Your Anxiety

These uncertain and scary times have everyone is feeling a bit more anxious than usual. As you may or may not know, when you’re under too much stress, it can lead to mental health issues and weaken your immune system (which is the last thing you want to do right now).

The best way to take your mind off of things is to find something that interests you and indulge. 

Teach People Something New

A great way to pass the time during lockdown is to learn something new. Depending on what you’re blogging about, people could gain knowledge from reading your blog posts.

Whether you’re interested in starting a bridal blog and giving couples tips on how to choose a theme or send out save the date notices, or you want to start a personal finance blog where you give tips on how to create a budget and improve your credit, your readers can learn things that help to enhance their personal and/or professional lives. 

Learn Something New Yourself

From learning how to set up a blog and develop compelling content to choosing topics and researching facts and statistics, your readers aren’t the only ones who will learn a thing or two from your blog. It doesn’t hurt that these are all invaluable skills that can be added to your resume. 

Bring Awareness to a Cause

Whether you’re passionate about saving the environment, endangered animals, fighting for civil or women’s rights, bullying, or gender inequality, creating a blog not only helps to fuel your passions, but it creates a platform for you to share those passions with others. You can bring awareness to things people may not have known much about and garner support in fighting for what you believe is right. 

Earn Some Extra Money

If you happen to be among the millions of Americans that are presently out of work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’re looking for ways to earn some extra cash. You’ll be surprised to learn that you could make a considerable amount of money blogging.

You could rent ad space to relevant companies, become an affiliate marketer, and if your blog gets popular enough, you could even charge a small membership fee to interested parties. 

Build Brand Awareness

Perhaps you’ve already come up with some cool ways to make money online and you’ve decided to start a business. If so, having a blog could help you to bring awareness to your brand while also gaining authority in your industry.

Readers who subscribe to your blog and visit regularly are more inclined to find interest in your business. 

No one knows for sure when things are going to return to normal as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold. Rather than drive yourself crazy watching paint dry or staring at walls, perhaps you should put this time to good use.

Starting a blog, as you can see has many advantages that make this the perfect opportunity to launch.


Being stuck at home may deprive you of your ability to socialize with others among other things but you can turn it into an opportunity to start a successful online business. Take this opportunity to use your time to do something productive and blogging may turn into financial freedom for you and your family.

That way the next time we run into a crisis like this one you will have a successful blog or a new skill to fall back on.

We Want to Hear From You: What do you feel is the best reason for starting a blog during this pandemic? What advice do you have for anyone new to blogging?

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  1. Earn some extra money. That’s a great motivation for me to start a blog. It will take time to season but starting a blog during the lockdown is the best investment one can make.

    1. admin says:

      I agree, earning extra money is a great motivation. It will definitely take some time to earn with a blog and while most of us have a lot of time, this is a great time to take advantage! Thanks for the comment!

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