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Affiliate internet marketing is among the best ways to earn money at home. There are so many different options to choose from that it is one of the top income strategies for bloggers. So with all the hype behind affiliate marketing, let’s take a look at what is affiliate marketing and how does it work. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Several merchants online need individuals to promote their products. You earn a commission when you promote a product to ensure it causes a sale. This association between the retailer and the affiliate marketer through the internet is beneficial and is referred to as affiliate marketing.

The retailer is free from the effort of having to advertise their own product and free to sell his merchandise while you don’t have to produce a market or a product of your own. In simple words, you earn money for recommending someone else’s product. 

How Does it Work?

Since many jump into affiliate marketing thinking it is a get rich quick scheme they are not capable of making money. Therefore, it is important to first understand the principles of affiliate marketing and exactly how it works. Affiliate marketing entails four easy steps. 

Choose your program

First you must decide on the program you want to promote. There are various affiliate internet marketing programs available on the web. 

The affiliate program can be selected by you based on your skill level or the commissions available. Affiliate programs that are different have different commission rates. 

Additionally, when choosing an affiliate program you should ensure that the commerce provides help and support to its affiliates. 

Sign up

The second step is signing up on the web site for the program. Whenever you register on the website, you’re given a distinctive affiliate ID that’s utilized to monitor the sales you make. 

Pick Your Products

The third step is to choose your products to promote. Now, this is a very crucial step and it is also important to make sure you select a product website that has several tools to assist you. 

Once you’ve selected the product you would like to promote, you can start promoting it using different tools. You may create an website or a blog, post articles on web sites, circulate newsletters, send emails, use Pay per click, internet search engine optimize your web site, and try several other techniques. 

Earn Your Commission

The fourth step is where the consumer purchases the products through your link. The affiliate site keeps a track of the number of sales you make through your affiliate ID. 

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

One of the pros of affiliate marketing is the fact that the marketer is able to make money by leading the potential customer to the company and is not responsible for actually doing any of the selling. But after the sale has been made how does the affiliate then get paid?

There are three ways an affiliate can earn a commission.

  1. Pay per sale
  2. Pay per lead
  3. Pay per click

1. Pay per sale

Pay per sale is one of the most basic affiliate marketing structures. These affiliate programs pay the affiliate a percentage of whatever the sale price of the product or service is and is dependent upon the affiliates marketing strategies. So this commission structure relies heavily on the affiliate getting the consumer to make a purchase.

2. Pay per lead

This affiliate commision structure is based on the affiliate ability to convert leads and is the most complex of the three structures. The affiliate must be able to influence the consumer to visit the merchant’s website in hopes of getting them to complete a desired task such as completing a form, subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a product trial, or such.

3. Pay per click

This commission is based on the amount of traffic you can generate to a merchant ad. The affiliate is paid for the number of clicks generated through that link. So the amount you make relies heavily on your ability to generate traffic and whether or not that traffic converts.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from home with so many different variable and income possibilities. However more than 95% of newbies fail and internet marketing or generating a serious income.

So in order to be successful at affiliate marketing, what marketing strategies must one imploy?

Promote products you know

One of the most important ways to build a relationship with your audience is through trust and what better way to build trust than with honesty. What is the easiest way to give honest opinions about a product? Through personal knowledge or experience.

The more expertise you have with a product the more you will be able to provide quality recommendations. This will increase the chances of your visitors returning.

Promote more than one

Different marketing companies offer different commission rates, so in order to give yourself a variety of commissions and a steady stream of income, you should expose yourself to more products. Don’t spend all your time promoting only one affiliate program.

It is important to look for many different programs in your topic and promote many different products from each.

Here are some of the top affiliate programs:

  1. ShareASale Affiliates 
  2. Amazon Associates.
  3. eBay Partners
  4. Shopify Affiliate Program.
  5. Clickbank.
  6. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates.

Know your traffic

In the world of affiliate marketing, your ability to generate high-quality traffic is what helps you complete your goals. So it only makes sense to pay attention to where your traffic is coming from, right? 

By paying attention to your traffic sources, you can better adjust things like capture pages and call-to-action messages to provide the best product recommendations. Be sure to pay attention to all the traffic sources and audiences such as organic, paid, social media, referral, display, email, or direct traffic.

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You can use traffic source tools such as Google Analytics and Bing webmaster tools to view your traffic data. Using this data will be an important part of helping you increase your affiliate sales.


If you lack the proper skills in affiliate marketing and want to strengthen your skills, then there are training courses available online. You can get online training through free sources such as Youtube videos, skillshare, and many e-courses from multiple affiliate marketers.

Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start because they give you all the fundamentals of affiliate marketing for any skill level. The best part is you get 10 Free Lessons and 2 Free Websites to start

Along with the Free Lessons & 2 free websites, you will have direct access to many other affiliate marketers as well as the 2 co-founders of who provide you with plenty of tips and support.


Finding the correct online affiliate market and the merchandise to promote are the most crucial considerations. Should you go wrong here, your online venture might not be profitable.

It’s significant to be persistent and not give up, even when, some of your products do not give you profits initially. Affiliate internet marketing, like every other business, requires dedication and hard work.

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