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What is ClickBank? How Do You Make Money?

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If you are looking for a legitimate way to earn a substantial income from home then you have probably heard about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, for those who don’t know, is the process of earning a commission from a company for promoting their product or service. Companies like, Amazon, ClickBank, Google, and even Walmart will pay your promotion efforts. ClickBank has been around since almost the beginning of affiliate marketing but what is ClickBank and how do most users use their platform to earn an income?

What is ClickBank? is nothing new to a lot of expert affiliate marketers. However, it is a somewhat new enterprise for people seeking to make a few extra dollars, or if they’re dedicated enough, create a career from the affiliate internet marketing opportunities the web site presents. ClickBank started profiting during the time when affiliate internet marketing was in its infancy. ClickBank’s founders recognized a disposition. 

They saw that companies weren’t very satisfied with only being able to market their services or products on their home pages. Consumers had one page on the internet where they could find the products they looked for. Instead of being content with that, the businesses wanted a way to advertise wherever they wanted.

Internet marketing web sites such as ClickBank began up, allowing businesses the chance to pay a commission for selling their goods to people. 

How does it work?

With more than 10,000 products in their inventory, there’s plenty of opportunities for anybody to earn money with ClickBank. Most of those products are mainly, info products such as eBooks, videos, or files that inform or teach people about products and services. 

A ClickBank member is given the choice of choosing from distinct products, by registering as an affiliate. They may do so by directly looking for a product or they can browse categories. After finding a good solution they wish to become an affiliate for, the 

The ClickBank member simply sets up what’s called a hoplink someplace on the web. These links direct buyers to the ClickBank product and will earn a commission for the affiliate if the customer decides to purchase. 

This might sound very simple or simple to implement, as if anyone may do it, but the truth is this an affiliate must have a solid web site or article to pull in a sale. 

Consumers are very smart and not readily parted with their hard-earned money. A good ClickBank affiliate internet promoting website will draw a consumer instantly, as opposed to direct them elsewhere. The website should have detailed advertising for your product, going over all the characteristics and aspects of the item, and what the customer would profit from buying it. 

If the affiliate owns and uses the item, all the better. The affiliate may use that to enhance their advertising and draw in a prospective consumer, as reviews for affiliate items are very popular nowadays and are an effective way to get more prospects. 

A well-constructed affiliate web site will be a great tool with just the item sale as the center of it – there’s to be some valuable content that a visitor can observe prior to a possible sale.

It is worth it?

Thinking, Person, Person Thinking, Think

With Clickbank as one of the top choices for affiliate marketing, it offers an unrivaled opportunity for top affiliate marketers and product creators to get together and make some serious online cash, but with every income opportunity, there is always a downside. So what exactly are some of the pros and cons of ClickBank and is it worth putting the time and effort into?

ClickBank offers one of the biggest markets of online digital products. With the number of choices available you are bound to find a product available in your niche or field of expertise.

If you have your own product you have the choice of using ClickBank as a way to sell your own product, therefore placing your product before an army of affiliate marketers. Not to mention ClickBank has some very impressive commission rates and the chances of making a sell can be very high often making the profits high for the seller and the affiliate.

However,  both the seller and affiliate are both subject to fees. Plus, there is no direct communication system between the seller and the affiliates.

Sadly, with all those available products it is often hard for the sellers to make a product that stands out from the rest, and the products start to become difficult to search through.

clickbank pros

Sounds like something your interested in go register 


With the number of products available and the ease of implementing these products on your site or blog, ClickBank is a great way to earn an income from home. However, whether you earn that money will be determined by a few factors;

  • The products you choose
  • The quality of your product reviews
  • The amount of traffic you can generate to those reviews
  • SEO & Proper keyword choice
  • Marketing tactics, and
  • Your effort

So, with the rights strategies and tactics, ClickBank is a great revenue source to replace Amazon or Google, which with current updates, has become harder to earn from. With most affiliate marketing programs, there is always the opportunity to earn, you just have to be willing to put in the right amount of effort.

So if you are willing to dig through a LOT of products and put in a LOT of effort than ClickBank may be for you. An affiliate marketer once told me, if you just find one good program that is legit and reliable and put in the right amount of effort YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

Bonus tip: Look for ways to improve your skills by getting marketing training, content training, SEO training, Youtube video marketing training, or anything that can help your chances of earning through ClickBank.

I hope this article has given you some insight into why ClickBank has stayed around for this long and why you would want to look into it as an opportunity to earn.

We Want to Hear From You: What do you most like about ClickBank? What advice would you give to someone wanting to start affiliate marketing?

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