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In light of recent changes in our current living conditions, many of us have been left finding ways to work from home. There are many different work from home careers in many different fields as remote working has grown increasingly more common. However, many of us have different professions that we believe do not permit us to work from home. Today, more and more companies are allowing their employees to telecommute. Therefore, more and more opportunities are being developed by professions. Even professionals like nurses can find jobs from home. Yes, it may be surprising, but you will find nursing jobs from home that can be found out there in working from home for lots of reasons for nurses that are interested. 

While many nursing jobs are clinical, meaning they requiring the care and treatment of patients in a physical environment, there are some jobs that can be performed from home.

Types of work from home nursing jobs

Case Manager – is an instance manager. As a nursing case manager, you would have patients that you would contact on a regular basis by telephone to give them important details about their health condition. Additionally, you would provide details about medications, adverse effects, daily care of wounds, nutritional info, exercise info, etc. As their case manager, you might answer any queries then you would consult their case to a home health nurse that would in fact visit the patient’s house if needed. 

Teach Nursing Courses Online – you might also become an online instructor for nursing courses online. This would be a great opportunity for a nursing job from home. 

You need to use your nursing skills to assist other nurses in gaining the college credits they need to become a nurse. The type of courses you’d qualify for would depend on the current rate and instruction would depend on the school’s policies. 

Telephone Triage Services – There are also phone triage services that hire nurses to work from home. A phone triage service offers nursing jobs from home for registered nurses to provide after-hours services to doctor’s offices and twenty-four-hour service to hospitals.

These companies hire registered nurses to answer queries for individuals with non-emergency medical concerns. For all those individuals with true emergencies, you’d need to consult them to their nearest emergency room or ER. 

Medical Call Center – A typical medical call center job consists of nurses provided medical advice, performing telephone triage, and assisting patients with concerns or issues with their health.

This work from home job requires the least experience of all but it also pays the least. Those with prior nursing experience will have an easy time transitioning into this position.


Even when you did not realize it, there are various job opportunities available for nursing jobs from home. Work at home jobs can provide lots of advantages to you, as well as your family.

These benefits may include flexibility, less time away out with the family, and general overall happiness with your profession. If you’re intrigued by working from home and wish to find more info on nursing jobs from home, you can search the internet to find job opportunities.

We would love to hear from you: What is another work from home job for nurses I might have missed? What advice would you give to someone searching for a work from home job?

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